Alumina Grinding Ball


Grinding Balls are suitable for grinding medium used in ball grinding machines.

Technical specification

Model: Alumina Grinding Ball
Color: White Gray
Shape: Ball
Typical Characteristics
Product Al2O3% Bulk densityg/cm2 Water absorption% Mohs Hardness scale Abrasion loss%
High Alumina Grinding Balls 92 3.65 0.01 9 0.011
95 3.68 0.005 9 0.0084
Medium Alumina Grinding Balls 65-75 2.93 0.01 8 0.01
Carbonized Alumina Grinding Balls 60-70 2.8-2.9 0.05 8 0.08
Appearance Demand
High Alumina Grinding Balls Medium Alumina Grinding Balls Carbonized Alumina Grinding Balls
Crack Not Permission Not Permission Not Permission
Impurity Not Permission Not Permission Not Permission
Foam hole Above 1mm not permission, size in 0.5mm permit 3 balls
Flaw Max. size in 0.3mm permit 3 balls
Advantage a)High wear-resistance The alumina balls wear-resistance is higher than the common alumina balls. When it is working, the ball wont pollute the grinding materials, so it can keep the purity and improve the stability of grinded materials especially the ceramic glaze.
b)High density
The high density, high hardness and the high grinding characters save the grinding time, enlarge the smashing room. So it can improve the grinding efficiency.


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