Silica Alumina Gel(Type WS)

Technical specifications

Silica alumina gel (Type WS)
Appearance Color: faint yellow Shape: Sphere
Application Mainly used of separating light hydrocarbon from natural gas, the product can reduce dew point of hydrocarbon to produce natural gas gasoline , drying natural gas at the same time .Add 20% (wt) HY-W as the protective layer if water drip exits in separation system. In addition ,it can be used as common dryer ,catalyst and its carrier ,variable –pressure adsorption separation agent (PSA). As variable-temperature adsorption separation agent (TSA) at higher temperature, it performs especially suitable.
Technical Data:
ITEM Typical values
SiO2,% Approx .97
Al2O3,% Approx .3
Surface area(BET) , ㎡/g 650
Pore Volume 0.45cm3/g
Equilibrium Capacity for
Water Vapor at 25℃
10% R.H 4wt.%
80% R.H. 42 wt.%
Packed Bulk density kg/L 0.7
Crushing strength N/particle 120
Attrition Rate 0.05wt. %
Liquid Water Resistan Yes
Sizes:2.0—5.0mm or other sizes on request
[Packaging] 750kgs per big bag or 22kgs per poly bag or 130 / 45 / 23kgs per steel drums.
[Note](1) Packing and size may be customized per your specific requirements;
(2) Crushing strength has relation with the particle size .


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