Metal Conjugate Ring

Technical specifications

Size Number Weight Surface area Free volume
per m3 (kg/m3) (m2/m3) (%)
No.0.7 167400 177 226 97.7
No.1.0 67100 179 168 97.7
No.1.5 26800 181 124 97.6
No.1.75 20200 155 106 98
No.2.0 13600 144 96 98.2
No.2.5 8800 121 83 98.4
No.3.0 4200 133 66 98.2

The above data is reference to material stainless steel (AISI304) in the material thickness shown. Other material available: carbon steel, stainless steel including 304, 304L, 410,316, 316L.


– Improved efficiency due to lateral liquid diffusion and surface film renewal
– Outstanding surface utilization in mass and heat transfer applications.
– Shorter packed bed heights
– Maximum piece-to-piece contact with minimal nesting
– High strength to weight ratio allows up to a 15 metre bed height
– Consistent performance due to uniform randomness
– Free flowing particle design facilitates installation and removal via uniform randomising.


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