Plastic Cascade Mini Ring

Technical specification

Model Cascade Mini Ring
Material PP, RPP, PE, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, etc.
Spec of PP CMR D*H*T Number per m³ Bulk density Surface area Free volume F factor
(mm) PCS (kg/m³) (m²/m³) (%) (m-1)
Dg16 16*8.9*1.1 299136 135.6 370 85 602.6
Dg25 25*12.5*1.4 81500 97.8 228 90 312.8
Dg38 38*19*1 27200 57.5 132.5 91 175.8
Dg50 50*25*1.5 10740 54.8 114.2 92.7 143.1
Dg76 76*37*3 3420 68.4 90 92.9 112.3
Typical Application Absorption, scrubbing and stripping services


Activated Carbon

Molecular sieves for medical oxygenators

A measure to prevent infection

Ceramic grate sulfur noodles

Rashig's crimped rings

Prismatic springs


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