Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina


KMnO4 on activated alumina with a special production process, adopts special activated alumina carrier, after a high temperature solution compression, decompression and other production processes,the adsorption capacity is more than twice of similar products.

As the high strength and long usage time, it can be rated as the A-Grade products in domestic market. With the strong oxidizing property,it can decompose the harmful gas with reducibility in the air in order to clean the air, also has the high efficiency to removal other harmful gases such as the hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, formaldehyde, nitric oxide, etc.

KMnO4 on activated alumina can customized, the KMnO4 content will be: 4%、6%、8% and etc.

Technical specifications

Item Measurement Specification
Appearance Purple, Sphere
Size Mm 2-3 3-5
AL2O3 % ≥80 ≥80
KMnO4 % ≥4.0 ≥4.0
Moisture % ≤20 ≤20
Fe2O3 % ≤0.04 ≤0.04
Na2O % ≤0.35 ≤0.35
Bulk Density g/ml ≥0.8 ≥0.8
Surface Area ㎡/g ≥150 ≥150
Pore Volume ml/g ≥0.38 ≥0.38
Crush Strength N/PC ≥80 ≥100


1. Do not open the package before use, avoid light and high temperature.

2. After used for a period of time, the adsorption performance will decline gradually, can determine whether failure or not according to the product color.


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