A measure to prevent infection


It is a powdered preparation based on an antibiotic – technical penicillin. Effectively prevents infections in distilleries. Intended for technical applications.


Usually 0.5 to 1 g per 1000 liters of mash. If the preparation is used regularly and there are no cases of infection, the dose of the preparation can be reduced to 0.25 g per 1000 l of the mash.


The preparation should be used in the form of a 1% aqueous solution (e.g. 10 g / 1 l of water). It is recommended to prepare a fresh solution every day. The solution is added to the mash once it has reached fermentation temperature, before being pumped into the fermentation vat. It should not be added to the mother yeast. During the distillation of the mash it is fully deactivated so that the brew has no antibiotic activity.


it should not come into contact with food. Storage should be organized in such a way that it cannot be used by mistake. Hands and other parts of the body that have come into contact should be thoroughly washed with water.


The preparation may cause allergic reactions by inhalation or skin contact. During work, gloves and protective clothing should be worn. The preparation should be protected against high temperatures.

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A measure to prevent infection

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