XH-7 Molecular Sieve

Technical specification

Model XH-7
Color Crystalline
Shape Bead
Size 8*12 Mesh
Through 6 mesh % 100.0 min
Through 8 mesh % 90.0 min
Through 12 mesh % 10.0 max
Through 20 mesh % 1.0 max
Through 100 mesh % 0.02 max
Size ratio % 98
Total Volatile(575 ℃,1 hr) % 1.0 max.
Static adsorption (wt-%)(* 24h) % 17.0 min
Activated Attrition (wt-%) 0.1 max
Crush N 70 min
Bulk density g/l 850 min
Lbs H2O/100 lbs activated adsorbent at 17.5 mmHg, 25℃, 60% RH
Typical application 1.use of refrigerant
2.High chemical compatibility with the particular refrigerant
drying (e.g. R134a, etc)
3.High mechanical strength and particle integrity necessary to prevent crushing or attrition
4.High moisture adsorption


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